Specs at a glance

22.86 cm
Quadrant scan speed
25 sec
Full arch scan speed
60 sec
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Ori performs with the utmost precision in our office, capturing details most scanners miss. It's compact size and shape maximize patient comfort. Ori is our go to scanner for all of our daily prosthetic needs. Dr Jared Theurer, DDS Instructor at the University of Utah, Clinical Director, Sri
The Ori is highly accurate and much faster than our Planmeca. We can scan our prep in about 30 seconds. The Ori gives us a new, higher level of effeciency which is important in our digital workflow. Dr Bruce L. Cassis, DDS, MAGD AGD Past President, Associate Editor of AGD Publications.
Exactly what my practice needed as an additional scanner for our cosmetic cases. Ori is accurate and gets the job done right. We also love how simple the software is. Dr Brian Harris, DDS, Founder/CEO Smile Virtual, Creator of Keen Products.

How Is Ori Different?

Among high-end intraoral scanners, Ori is one of the most aggressively priced devices on the market. The average PVS costs are between $15 and $20 per impression. Scanning with Ori can cut that cost in half.

You can be confident that Ori will always do everything in its power to make sure your equipment is working. In the rare case that your scanner issues cannot be fixed remotely, we will immediately send a replacement scanner to your office.

There are never hidden monthly charges for upgrading Ori software or for utilizing Ori’s world-class tech support team. We want to keep you up and scanning, and we will always be available to help you with any of your questions.

High accuracy.

Finely tuned and intelligent, Ori has the reliability to generate accurate and actionable data from a quick scan. It's even sensitive to the differences between hard and soft tissue, providing unprecedented soft tissue accuracy.

Choose your own lab.

Ori uses an open system, giving your practice more flexibility and the option to share scan data with the lab of your choice.

More comfort. Less fatigue.

Ori is one of the smallest scanners on the market. This allows for comfortable single-handed use, and dramatically reduces arm, hand, and finger fatigue.

Lightweight. High strength.

Ori’s handle is made from the highest quality aerospace-grade aluminum, making it a small device that packs a heavy punch.

Better pricing. No middleman.

Ori is more affordable than comparable tools on the market and is available to order straight from the manufacturer. Ori also doesn't require any expensive monthly service fees.

Made in
the USA

Ori is made locally by American manufacturers.

Improved efficiency.

With Ori, your scans are completed in less than 5 minutes, at which point they are sent electronically to a lab of your choice. This vastly reduces the wait time to receive implants from the lab and allows you to collect payment from patients faster.

Our Software

The Ori 1 Scanner and the Ori software go hand in hand to provide you with the best outcomes and patient experience possible.

Ori is ready to go the moment it's unboxed, and the software intuitively guides you through the simple step-by-step scanning process.

Ori sends 3D data from high-quality true color HD video, which produces realistic (as opposed to animated) images that are easily manipulated to inspect all aspects of your scan.

Ori’s software will recognize unnecessary soft tissue scan data and automatically remove these artifacts as you scan. Even if you must adjust your crown preparation, your fine adjustments will update automatically when you scan that surface again.

Utilizing artificial intelligence, Ori’s software will register the occlusal relationship of your upper and lower scan, making bite registrations automatic and seamless.

Ori’s software provides you and your team with periodic and intuitive quality control steps, like scan density heat maps. These steps ensure you have the most accurate scan possible.

"The Ori scanner has been extremely successful. The quality of the scan is phenomenal, and scanning has never been easier."

Dr. Amanda Griego

Smile Center For Kids, El Paso, Texas

“The Ori has been a game changer for us when it comes to fitting a scanner into tight places due to it’s small sleek design.”

Dr. David Thorup

The Sugar House Dentist, Salt Lake City UT

Why continue to use old, messy,
more expensive PVS impressions?