a dentists with long hair and a beard holding an intraoral scanner

Dr. Nathan Heywood, DDS

University of Florida School College of Dentistry

“I deliver quite a few occlusal guards or night guards. Usually there is some adjusting with them but ever since I’ve started using the Ori Scanner I haven’t had to adjust a single night guard. I can get it, deliver it to the patient, and it fits great with no adjustments needed. The quality of scan is great and Ori has been awesome for our practice. “

a female dentist in black scrubs with her arms folded holding an intraoral scanner

Dr. Shelly Strohman, DDS

University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry

”The biggest change I’ve noticed from our implant restorations is that I’m not having to make adjustments. I am able to insert implant crowns very quickly. With our old scanner there would be adjustments to contacts and occlusion but I’m not having those adjustments since I’ve started using the Ori scanner.”

a dentist in a lab coat holding an intraoral scanner

Dr. Harrison Long, DMD

University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry

“Scanning is going to be the standard of care before too long. I would strongly recommend an Ori Scanner because it delivers on all the things you are looking for. We are all looking to cut down our chair time, for more accuracy and for better outcomes. All those things make our practice better and patients happier. If I were speaking to a dentist today I would tell them now is the right time.”

a dentist with a mask on holding an intraoral scanner is his right hand

Dr. Rhett Raum, DMD

University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry

“Don’t wait. I waited to long to get into scanning. It definitely creates a more engaged patient. They love to immediately turn and look at the scan. It gives us an opportunity to teach and show them more about their mouth and help them visualize what’s going on in it. It’s increased case acceptance and understand treatment better.”


Get Your Ori Scan Membership For


Get Your Ori Scan Membership For As Little as  $549/mo.

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Ori USA Service Promise Manufactured and Supported in USA.

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Ori NextGen™ Guarantee
Free device upgrade every 3 years.

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OriCare360™ Warranty
All-inclusive full-coverage warranty with 24hr device replacement.

Single Scanner Membership


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Ori 2.0 Scanner

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FREE Device Upgrade Every 3 Years

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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All Inclusive Lifetime Warranty

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Unlimited Remote Training & Support

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FREE Software Updates

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Optional Hardware Upgrade after 12 months

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Manufactured and Supported in USA

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24-hour Device Replacement

* Choose a free scanner upgrade, decreased monthly payments, or to purchase your scanner at the end of your 3-year membership.

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Double production and add additional scanners to your membership plan

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$349/mo per scanner

* Additional laptops not included.

Laptops and Training


Laptop Price


On-boarding, Set-up,
and Training $500

Questions & Answers

Why Ori?

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Upgrade your practice the affordable way. Convenient monthly payments allow you to access the latest technology without high upfront costs or financing fees. Includes everything you need - no hidden costs. And our USA-based support is always here when you need us.

Is Ori the least expensive scanner?

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When it comes to upfront costs, Ori is the best way to get a scanner. Over a 3-year period Ori falls in the middle of the market in terms of price. But when you factor in device upgrades, warranty, software, support, and financing costs the other guys charge you for later - Ori saves you thousands over the long run.

Any hidden fees?

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None. Ori includes warranty, software upgrades, support, and more with your subscription. No surprise charges down the road. When you purchase a scanner you will also need to purchase a laptop as mentioned in our pricing.

What if my scanner breaks?

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Not to worry - replacement coverage is included. We'll express ship a replacement unit from our Salt Lake City facility and have you back up in 24 hours. Minimal downtime.

Supply chain issues?

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None with Ori. Our scanners are manufactured and supported right here in the USA.

Who do I call for support?

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You call us directly. No third parties or overseas routing. Our USA-based team is trained specifically on Ori systems and is here to resolve any issue quickly.

How long do the laptops last?

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We provide high-spec laptops designed for smooth long-term performance. They will last around 6-years.

What about training new staff?

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We don't just train you once. Your subscription includes ongoing training for your full staff to maximize adoption.

Do I get new software updates?

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Yes, always. Whenever new versions are released our R&D team pushes them to you at no added cost.

What about new hardware upgrades?

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After 12 months you can upgrade to the latest Ori model for a small fee. Or complete your existing subscription term and upgrade at no cost. Your choice.

Can I keep my scanner after 3 years?

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Absolutely. After your subscription you can continue using your existing Ori model for a low monthly fee. And still upgrade anytime at no cost when you're ready. Or purchase your scanner outright.

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